Experience Our Expert Market Intelligence

Our Core Strength lies in providing you with tools to Facilitate You In Your Descison Making Process.

Market Price and Trade Insights

Crop Study

An in-depth guidance about commodity cropping patterns, acreage and yield forecasts to build on Supply-Demand dynamics.

S & D Estimates

Supply-Demand statistics of key commodities for more than 5-years developed basis in-house market intelligence & trade network.

Government Inventories

Database of government procurement and disposal of farm commodities

Port Lineups/Stocks

Shipping Line-ups of major commodities such as Edible Oil, Sugar, Pulses, Oilseeds & Grains over the last five years to analyse the availability of cargoes and consequent price forecast thereon

Import/Export Analysis

Latest International Trade Data pertaining to commodities such as Pulses, Grains, Spices, Oilseeds, Edible Oil and Oil Meal. Providing you with a better competitive edge in supply chain analysis.