March 2020 WASDE Report Reaction

The March WASDE is a report published because it is required to be published by law. In the current macro environment, it is unlikely that any revision offered today will have any dramatic significance for the wheat, corn or soybean markets. We offer some very basic notes in this short pre report note. […]

February 2020 WASDE Report Reaction

February WASDE Report Reaction
Last year, the Feb WASDE was a Pretty Big Deal; the closure of the US government resulted in no
January (2019) WASDE, so the February 2019 report was basically a ‘two-fer’ – two months of revisions
at one time. With the timely release of the January 2020 WASDE, this year’s Feb report will not likely
have as large of an impact, […]

December WASDE Preview – Wheat, 2019

The December WASDE report seldom offers significantly new inputs for the US balance sheets; occasionally, we see some compelling revisions, […]